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07 February 2017The Decorative Arts of the Islamic World
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09 February 2016Making Colour, weaving life
10 November 2015Sicilian Splendours: from Greece to the Normans
10 February 2015Exploring Venice 10.30 am to 3.00 pm (including a light lunch)
11 November 2014A Crisis of Brilliance: Young British Artists 1908 to 1919 10.30 am to 3.00 pm (including sandwich lunch)
11 February 2014Romanticism and the Cult of the Individual
12 November 2013The Paintings Conservation Roadshow
12 February 2013Don Giovanni ‐ The Impossible Opera
13 November 2012Sir Christopher Wren and the English Baroque

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The Decorative Arts of the Islamic World
Rachel Ward
Tuesday 07 February 2017

The speaker will be Rachel Ward who was Curator of Arab-Islamic material at the British Museum from 1983-2000 and Director/Vice President of the Royal Asiatic Society from 2002-2008.  Rachel will cover the most decorative of the decorative arts, inlaid metalwork, painted pottery and enameled glass, of the Islamic world.  Her published works include books on Suleyman the Magnificent and Islamic Metalwork and Enameled Glass.